Cooking Demos

We are hosting four talented chefs who will teach you how to make a variety of delicious plant-based dishes. All cooking demos will take place in the Coffman Theater on the first floor of Coffman Memorial Union. We will be providing samples of some of the dishes at every cooking demo!

Our chefs this year are Betsy Born, Mistress Ginger, Ali Glad, and Rachel Sandstrom.

We’ll post more details as we have them!

10:30am – Cancelled due to illness – Ali Glad

Ali Glad

Ali has worked as a raw foods chef for 8 years, teaching at Whole Foods, Linden Hills Co-op, Mississippi Market, Ecopolitan, and the Twin Cities Yoga Festival. Ali lives in South Minneapolis with her significant other, his 6-year-old daughter, their three chickens, and rescue dog Ginny. She is an avid gardener and loves helping people decrease their meat consumption and feel liberated in their kitchens. Ali credits clean eating with helping her deal with depression issues and improving her skin health. She says, “I am passionate about ending cruelty to animals and am honored to be an instructor at Twin Cities Veg Fest 2015.”

Get Your Greens!

Ali will prepare a delicious green smoothie, a sweet kale salad, and savory kale wraps. She’ll show how to bring out the best in this amazing leafy green so you can reap the vitamins!

On the menu:

12:00pm – Rachel Sandstrom

Rachel Sandstrom Rachel has been passionately vegan for seven years and feels that sharing great food is her most effective form of advocacy. While attending Minnesota State University in Mankato, Rachel organized many vegan potlucks that drew crowds of vegans and non-vegans alike. She loves vegan cookbooks and reads them cover to cover, but still ends up going rogue most of the time and altering every recipe to make it her own. Find pictures of her food (and cats!) on Instagram @rachelannvegan.

Cold-Weather Comfort Food

Join Rachel as she demonstrates how to make a full meal of vegan comfort food. These recipes are guaranteed to take the chill right out of the air!

On the menu:

1:30pm – Betsy Born

Betsy Born

Betsy has had a love of baking for as long as she can remember and now runs a small vegan baking company, Seymour Munchmore’s. Her specialty is cakes, and she especially enjoys decorating children’s birthday cakes. When she isn’t busy baking, she works with at-risk children and families in the East Phillips neighborhood and volunteers with her neighborhood association in South Minneapolis. Betsy is married and has three children: Ivy (6), Pierce (4), and Sterling (2). Her husband and kids are always willing to taste test any new recipes she has. Betsy has been a part of Compassionate Action for Animals for about 9 years and always enjoys sharing her cooking and baking skills.

Stealthy & Healthy

While eating a plant-based diet is inherently healthy in some ways, it doesn’t always mean that everything we eat is nutritious; it’s still possible to consume a lot of junk food. But being healthy doesn’t have to mean eating just salad either. Let Betsy show you how to sneak healthy ingredients into everyday favorites.

On the menu:

3:00pm – Mistress Ginger

Mistress Ginger Mistress Ginger is your typical quadruple threat diva: singer, dancer, actress, and vegan know-it-all. When she’s not dazzling audiences in the latest Junkyard Theater production, she can be found cooking up tantalizing vegan meals for one or more of her many lovers. Ginger has fueled herself with a vegan diet since 2002, and she’s still alive. Not only that, she’s thriving. In fact, she wrote a cookbook to share her vegan pearls of wisdom with the world at large. Mistress Ginger Cooks!: Everyday Vegan Food for Everyone was published in 2014 and continues to wow the masses with its high-heeled brand of plant-based cookery. The Star Tribune says, “We’ve never thought it possible to use the words ‘vegan’ and ‘glamour’ in the same sentence, until now…” The cookbook is currently available on Amazon, and autographed copies can be purchased at and at Twin Cities Veg Fest following her demo.

Vegan Cookery Gone Wild

Go wild with Mistress Ginger in the kitchen. First, she’ll show you how to make her famous Tofu Gone Wild. (Who knew tofu could be so flippin’ tasty?) Then she’ll make all your dreams come true with her Mistress Ginger Dressing, perfect for a bed of steamed greens. And who can do without dessert? Ginger has got your sweet tooth covered with a batch of her divine Chakra Chip Cookies. Together, these dishes make for a beautifully balanced meal, both simple to make and delectable to eat.

On the menu: